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Running with Shaun Wahl

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

Shaun Wahl is a 5th grader who defies all odds. With the help of his father and mother, Peter & Jennifer Wahl, and a New Horizon 5 consultant, Shaun has been able to traverse miles of rocky land, hilly land, and just about anything else that any other distance runner might see on an outdoor trail.

After Peter started to backpack as a hobby, his son Shaun took interest and wanted to join. Peter Wahl built a motorized chair for Shaun, who has cerebral palsy, allowing him to go the distances with other like minded champions on outdoor runs.

Shaun recently hosted an event to celebrate the release of a short documentary, about Shaun's triumphant story, which New Horizon 5 sponsored. 

"Shaun Wahl, 10, of Ventura competes in an April Born to Adapt race with the help of some new friends."

Photo courtesy JENNIFER WAHL via

"My boy, Shaun, is on today’s front page story of the Ventura County Star newspaper [...] The story also highlights that Shaun is staring in the fundraiser film premiere [...]  Thank you so much for supporting that event!"

-Peter Wahl, Shaun's dad

"Ken and Amy, thank you for your very generous donation to Runners for Public Lands. We are so excited to put it towards more disadvantaged runners achieve their dreams. Thank you again and best regards."

-Kathleen Baker, Managing Director

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