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Team of Industrial Engineers

Engineering Services

Test facility improvement, cryogenic systems, rocket, combustion and much more.

Project Management

Connect with 40+ years of test facilities management experience across hundreds of millions dollars in NASA Center

contract winnings. 

Strategic Planning

Consulting services in project management, risk management, engineering design and more.

Capabilities Statement

Corporate Highlights

  • Founded in 2021 by Owner and CEO Ken Smith, Ph.D.​

  • Small business, headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama

Technical Competencies
  • Test facility design and analysis

  • Cryogenic systems, high pressure/high temperature piping, nickel alloy piping systems, fired heaters, fuel systems, refrigeration, dehumidification, and large rotating machinery (compressors and expansion turbines)

  • Turbine engine, rocket, combustion, component test facilities and support systems and infrastructure

  • Knowledge of ASME codes for vessels and piping

  • Specialty equipment and hypersonic technology development

  • Propulsion system specialist including cryogenic propulsion storage and transfer

  • Project management, risk management, and engineering design for design/build projects in propulsion, launch, and high temperature test facilities

  • Systems engineering

  • ISS Facilites and payloads

  • Thermal/structural analysis

  • Electrical power engineering

  • Failure/damage analysis

  • Space systems parametric cost estimates and analysis ​

  • Cost model development ​

  • Experience in all facets of cost estimating and analysis for space flight hardware systems: launch vehicles, human space flight, ground systems, and space science.  ​

  • Certified Cost Estimator/Analyst by the International Association for Cost Estimating and Analysis (ICEAA).

Parametric Estimating

Parametric Cost Estimating Relies on Mathematical Models (Called Cost Estimating Relationships, or CERs) that Relate Cost to Physical, Technical, Programmatic and Performance Parameters ​

  • Parametric CERs  are Built on Historical Data, thus they capture Real World Experience and Provide a more Complete Picture of the Total Costs​

  • Benefits of Parametric Cost Estimating​:

    • Provides a Quick Turnaround for New and Updated Estimates and is Easily Adaptable to Evolving Projects – Perfect for Concept and Trade Studies

    • Does not Require Specific Technical Experience​

    • Statistical Basis Enables Calculation of Estimate Uncertainty​

    • When used Properly, Less Prone to Optimism Bias and the Planning Fallacy​

Customer Service/Call Center Training

Training that empowers government contractors to deliver extraordinary customer service, exceed client expectations, and foster lasting relationships with their customers.

  • Based on 20+ years of NASA Help Desk management

  • Highlights​:

    • Real-life scenarios: Tailored to NASA-related complexities

    • Deep understanding: Emphasis on NASA policies and protocols

    • Optimizing Success: Ensuring customer satisfaction and project success through exceptional service

  • Features:

    • Interactive Surveys and Hands-On Activities: Engaging participants for practical learning

    • Community Observations: Insightful experiences to broaden perspectives

    • Real-World Examples: Learning from actual NASA customer interactions


New Horizon 5 has experience in both government (Air Force, NASA, etc.) and private firm contracting.

Engineering Services

  • Staff includes subject matter experts with 40+ years of test facilities engineering and management with emphasis on high temperature gas dynamics, re-entry vehicle thermal protection systems, hydrocarbon fuel systems, nuclear propulsion, wind tunnels and other specialized test facilities

  • Technical leadership for investigation of challenging problems associated with launch vehicles

Project Management

  • Operations Engineering/Management in developing reliable and cost-effective operating techniques and procedures

  • Consulting services in areas of project management, risk management, and engineering design

  • Improvements in recruiting and hiring processes to strengthen employee’s skills and increase overall flexibility in the workforce

Strategic Planning

  • Development of new business, engineering offices, and recruiting/hiring personnel

  • Capture management winning hundreds of millions of dollars in NASA Center contracts

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