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NH5 Services

Team of Industrial Engineers


Test facility improvement, cryogenic systems, rocket, combustion and much more.


Connect with 40+ years of test facilities management experience across hundreds of millions dollars in NASA Center

contract winnings. 


Consulting services in project management, risk management, engineering design and more.


Corporate Highlights

  • Founded in 2021 by Owner and CEO Ken Smith, Ph.D.

  • Small business, headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama

Technical Competencies

  • Test facility design and analysis

  • Cryogenic systems, high pressure/high temperature piping, nickel alloy piping systems, fired heaters, fuel systems, refrigeration, dehumidification, and large rotating machinery (compressors and expansion turbines)

  • Turbine engine, rocket, combustion, component test facilities and support systems and infrastructure

  • Knowledge of ASME codes for vessels and piping

  • Specialty equipment and hypersonic technology development

  • Propulsion system specialist including cryogenic propulsion storage and transfer

  • Project management, risk management, and engineering design for design/build projects in propulsion, launch, and high temperature test facilities

  • Systems engineering

  • ISS Facilites and payloads

  • Thermal/structural analysis

  • Electrical power engineering

  • Failure/damage analysis


New Horizon 5 has experience in both government (Air Force, NASA, etc.) and private firm contracting.

Engineering Services

  • Staff includes subject matter experts with 40+ years of test facilities engineering and management with emphasis on high temperature gas dynamics, re-entry vehicle thermal protection systems, hydrocarbon fuel systems, nuclear propulsion, wind tunnels and other specialized test facilities

  • Technical leadership for investigation of challenging problems associated with launch vehicles

Project Management

  • Operations Engineering/Management in developing reliable and cost-effective operating techniques and procedures

  • Consulting services in areas of project management, risk management, and engineering design

  • Improvements in recruiting and hiring processes to strengthen employee’s skills and increase overall flexibility in the workforce

Strategic Planning

  • Development of new business, engineering offices, and recruiting/hiring personnel

  • Capture management winning hundreds of millions of dollars in NASA Center contracts

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