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We are New Horizon 5

 A creative engineering team

focused on improving engineering

test facilities.

We are a team with decades of experience in working on aerospace test facilities, engineering and planning for large research projects and more.

We bring timely, responsive, personalized work packages to clients seeking technical solutions and consulting.


New Horizon 5 inspires future generations to carry on the work of the American space program and to ensure the security of America.


Left: New Horizon 5 is dedicated to the modernization, safety, and sustainment of test facilities.

Right: An overhead view of the Arcjet facility at Ames Research Center in the heart of California's Silicon Valley; NH5 is supporting this facility.



New Horizon 5 Owner
Kenneth Smith, Ph. D.

New Horizon 5 is an engineering services and technology company with a passion for the American space program. We offer experience and expertise in design and development of solutions to complex problems with an emphasis on test facilities. We believe in the importance of listening to our customers and each other to understand requirements as we analyze alternatives and solve problems. We believe in the value of collaboration with stakeholders and the potential for diversity to enable creativity. In so doing, we look for opportunities to mentor and inspire young professionals and future generations through internships and STEM demonstrations at K-12 schools. We lead by example with a strong commitment to community service and a sustainable planet. We believe the future belongs to those who dream big and are willing to join with others to make those dreams come true.


New Horizon 5 is led by Kenneth Smith, Ph.D., an aerospace professional with technical, management and leadership experience in engineering services in support of US government and commercial enterprises for more than 45 years. His experience includes startup of new offices and recruitment of key personnel. He is known for business development, organizational and technical leadership, project management and innovative, low-risk approaches to business growth. He brings a spirit of gratitude to every opportunity and relationship from experiences of working with outstanding teams and mentors and a foundation infused with Divine grace.

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