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Andy Prince Achieves NASA's William S. Rutledge Lifetime Achievement Award

We are proud to announce Andy Prince, New Horizon 5's Cost Estimate Lead and former NASA cost analyst for more than 40 years is awarded the prestigious William S. Rutledge Lifetime Achievement Award. The Award was presented at the June International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association (ICEEAA) conference at NASA JPL. Andy is a Life-time Member of the ICEEAA, past member of the board of directors and Chair of the Board for the International Society of Parametric Analysts.

Andy’s presentation at this year’s ICEAA conference was “Complexity the Right Way.” This paper provides a way to calculate factors after you perform regression analysis by using objective parameters.

The ICEAA is a nonprofit organization that strives to promote and to enhance the profession of cost estimating and analysis with the primary goal of fostering the professional growth of members in cost estimating, cost analysis, and allied fields.

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