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Building Tomorrow's Legacy.

New Horizon 5 provides decades of experience and expertise to help our clients solve complex aerospace tasks and improve test facilities. We inspire future generations both by example and through investments in STEM education– to change the world for the better.

We are
New Horizon 5.

We are a creative, multi-discipline engineering team focused on improving engineering processes and products. We bring decades of experience in aerospace test facilities, engineering and planning for large research projects, and more.

We provide timely, responsive, personalized work packages to clients seeking technical solutions and consulting.

New Horizon 5 inspires future generations to carry on the work of America's space program and to advance exploration and innovation.

Your Trusted Partner 


Test facility improvement, cryogenic systems, rocket, combustion and much more.


Offering 40+ years of test facilities management experience across hundreds of millions dollars in NASA contract winnings. 


Consulting services in project management, risk management, engineering design and more.

Empower your next big project

with our expert support. We're a passionate team that is invested in the American space program—with decades of experience in the game.

Driving innovation and engineering excellence.

Researchers discussing updates at AMES research facility
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