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Inspire and lead students, engineers, inventors, teachers, scientists, and champions of the future towards success.

New Horizon 5 Interns


Matthew Tito
Engineering Intern

Meet Matthew Tito, a New Horizon 5 engineering intern. Matthew is currently a full time student at MTSU studying mechatronics engineering.​ Matthew is currently working on NH5's STEM Activity initiative. He is working with our team to integrate robotics and code demonstrations into STEM presentations that will take place in the classroom. Some of Matthew's hobbies include working out, dirt bike riding, and playing all sorts of instruments, including guitar and drum set.


Noah Flood
Engineering Intern

Noah grew up in Decatur, AL and graduated from Austin High school in 2021. He is currently pursuing a B.S. degree in Computer Science at Auburn University. Part of his long-term career goal is to use software to improve hospitals, doctors' offices, and pharmacies. Noah loves to write, teach, and connect with people. He is currently utilizing those interests while working New Horizon 5’s STEM Activity initiative to help connect more kids K-12 with the world of STEM. Noah also loves staying engaged in the local ministry, working out, and reading in his free time.

Image by Hannah Reinhardt

How New Horizon 5 is "Inspiring Future Generations" in Our Neighborhood

New Horizon 5 sponsored the UAH Space Hardware Club

to visit Mountain Gap Middle School in Huntsville, AL for two educational days.  The 180 eighth grade students were able to see a demonstration of Rocketry and HAM Radio and High-Altitude Ballooning and the History of the ISS.  Both demonstrations included hands-on activities with the students to help them grasp and understand the topics discussed.


New Horizon 5 also donated toward scholarships granted by the Space Hardware Club.  These scholarships support students who are interested in STEM related activities or space exploration and are planning to attend a college or university in Northern Alabama. 


The UAH Space Hardware Club is a student organization that allows college students to design, test, and build different types of aerospace payloads, such as rockets, rovers, satellites, high-altitude balloons, and aircraft.  The UAH Space Hardware Team will work to inspire students to explore STEM topics and possible interests for their future careers.

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New Horizon 5 supports local schools! 
We are a corporate sponsor for the Mountain Gap Elementary and Mountain Gap Middle School in conjunction with their PTA. Sponsorship funds are used to help support student clubs, to purchase school supplies, to help with student activities, to purchase teacher supplies, support the library, choir program, band program, and to create a mural for students in their lunchroom.

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Tennessee STEM  Computer Science Momentum Expedition


Dec 5th, 2022

New Horizon 5 attended the Tennessee STEM Computer Science Momentum Expedition on Dec. 5th and 6th. This event was open to all teachers in Tennessee. The goal for the event was to empower teachers to bring computer science back into their classrooms in new and inspiring ways. The event included speakers and organizations that brought booths and tables showing how Computer Science is utilized in their respective career fields.

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Neighborood article

"Thank you for being a part of the inaugural Computer Science Momentum Expedition! We greatly appreciate you sharing your passion and being an advocate for Computer Science education. We look forward to connecting in the future!"

       -The TSIN Team

Our engineering intern, Matthew, works on the code for our instructional robot, "Big Green."

“My students really enjoyed having the UAH Space and Hardware Club visit and talk to them about the ARISS program, HAM radio, waves, rockets and more. It was a great opportunity for my students to see young adults pursuing a STEM field right here at home and hear what they are doing.”

- Amber Heimbeck,  8th Grade Science Teacher

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Check out a quick video of our new demo robot, "Big Green" in action.

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